what the song says

I've had "Edge of Desire" from JM's new album, Battle Studies, on repeat in my car for the past week. Sometimes I get hooked on a song and won't let it go. This one in particular makes me all melancholy and wistful weird. It's tortured, longing, desperate. It speaks to me for various personal reasons I won't go into. It reminds... Continue Reading →

i’m back. in black.

Hey ya peeps. So i'm back in tn. NYC was all kinds of fantabulousness, as you've probably gathered by now. I'll post some pics here later maybe but we'll see. Most of you saw them on Twitter but since I can't convince all of my friends and family to get on the Twitter bandwagon I'll probably... Continue Reading →

so much city, so little time

Just when I'm beginning to get my bearings in the Manhattan neighborhood of my temporary home at The Gracie Inn, its time to leave. And like the last time I was here, I have been given just enough of a taste of this city to leave me wanting so much more. I'll be back, that's for certain. And hopefully for longer... Continue Reading →

I love it here

I'm alone in a bed & breakfast on Manhattan's Upper East Side. I'll be here until Sunday afternoon and I know that except for missing The Accountant and Sam, that I won't want to leave. Much more to say but I'm one tired puppy so here are a few pics...

yo. what up?

eggo waffle shortage...not good...sam eats a waffle every day for breakfast and freaks the heck out if she doesn't get it...creature of habit?...perhaps...i have to have my lowfat cinnamon brown sugar poptart every morning, she has to have her eggo...this could be a crisis worse than h1n1 in our house... headed to nyc on friday,... Continue Reading →

who is this hottie??

For those of you who haven't seen my sweet Accountant in a while, he looks a might bit different...as in, there is much less of him (and I'm not talking about his hair)! The hat! Check out the hat! My man is stylin' and profilin' in that hat y'all! And what is it with boys... Continue Reading →

road trippin’

I'm back from my super fun girl's weekend girl's trip to Tunica. These chics are too much fun and we all had a blast. The good news? No one needs to go to Gambler's Anonymous or anything and no one gambled away any wedding rings or deeds to their homes. Also good news, our hotel... Continue Reading →


Hi blog. Missed you. Been busy. Don't expect much from this post, I'm just here to let you know I'm still around. Took Sam to the 'rents house for the weekend and had a great visit. She is finally starting to "get" that she has uber cool grandparents and and even cooler uncle. Who, by... Continue Reading →

it’s 7:27 pm

So early and yet, I'm already contemplating bed. Doubtful I'll go but I am contemplating anyway. Someone is rapid firing some type of firearm somewhere in the vicinity. Nice. I don't get it. I want to teach English in another country. Always thought that would be cool. You can blame a Lonely Planet tweet on putting... Continue Reading →

how i feel

today i feel random, tired, bummed, a bit depressed, a bit hopeless, wistful and cranky...all that with a little snarky thrown in. don't you wanna hang out with me? i went to the downtown library today on a whim. was going to get a library card as it's been a couple of years since i've had... Continue Reading →

Halloween ’09

I have to say, this Halloween was fantabulous. Hubs and I used Sam as our excuse to dress up. He was a pirate and I was, um, well, just tacky I guess. Sam was a Titans cheerleader as you know. We went to a party at a friend's house for a bit and then made... Continue Reading →

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