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it’s 7:27 pm

3 Nov

So early and yet, I’m already contemplating bed. Doubtful I’ll go but I am contemplating anyway.

Someone is rapid firing some type of firearm somewhere in the vicinity. Nice. I don’t get it.

I want to teach English in another country. Always thought that would be cool. You can blame a Lonely Planet tweet on putting that idea in my head tonight. They even tell me which countries to try and everything. 

I’m sleeping in my work out clothes tonight. Only thing I’m not sleeping in is my shoes. And only because that would just be weird. Hubs is at the gym now. Gettin’ all buff ‘n stuff.

Tomorrow I can say that “tomorrow is my Friday”. Thank goodness. Looking forward to date night with hubs Friday night (the real Friday, not my fake Friday which is actually Thursday. Shut up, you know you find me charming). We don’t know where we’re going but who cares? We scored a babysitter and we’re outta here. I’m taking Sam to the ‘rents this weekend if all goes as planned. They are due some grand-baby time.

I want a Kindle. I like gadgets.

Hubs is home. My handsome pirate. Gotta go.

for the accountant, i love you

3 Nov

how i feel

3 Nov

today i feel random, tired, bummed, a bit depressed, a bit hopeless, wistful and cranky…all that with a little snarky thrown in. don’t you wanna hang out with me?

i went to the downtown library today on a whim. was going to get a library card as it’s been a couple of years since i’ve had one. but since i live out of county it was gonna cost me $50 and they didn’t take plastic. oh well. another day then. i did wander the stacks a bit and randomly take interesting looking books off the shelves and read the jackets. so many books so little time. i will go back and get my card though.

ohhhh, just found my ipod in my purse while looking for lip gloss. think i’ll put in the earbuds and shut out this office. even though it’s very quiet today as a couple of the key players are gone.

made it to the gym by 4:15 this morning. late again. my workout partner was already doin’ her thang on the elliptical. i got on the treadmill next to her and trudged along for about 30 min, went home and went back to bed. hee. good sleep. tomorrow’s workout will be better i promise. and i won’t be late dangit.

oh craptastic. my ipod is dead. really? fine. pandora on the pc it is then. mmmm, ray lamontagne, you are the best thing. and you are. speaking of pc’s, my laptop is deceased. luckily, the accountant saved everything from my hard drive so all photos and writing are ok. christmas present for finn = new laptop. thank you very much.

marc broussard…nice…i’m feelin’ all cajun and stuff all of a sudden…oh, john mayer…ditching cajun, feeling swoony…goodbye…

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