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10 Nov

Hi blog. Missed you. Been busy. Don’t expect much from this post, I’m just here to let you know I’m still around.

Took Sam to the ‘rents house for the weekend and had a great visit. She is finally starting to “get” that she has uber cool grandparents and and even cooler uncle. Who, by the way, rocked the pulpit on Sunday with his sermon. And yes, my dad is cringing at that terminology.

I got a speeding ticket yesterday at 4am on the way to the gym. Ugh. 53 in a 40. $95 or go to traffic school. Again. Dude, it’s 4am and I’m trying to better my health! Don’t you even care? Guess not.

Wow I feel all weepy and melancholy today. Don’t look at me crossways or I might just bawl all over your shoes. Being a girl sucks sometimes.

Upcoming fun: girls trip to Tunica this weekend! Yay! Then solo trip to NYC to visit a friend next weekend! Double Yay! Then, Thanksgiving! Then my birthday! Then Mom’s birthday! Then Christmas!

But for now, lunch.

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