road trippin’

I’m back from my super fun girl’s weekend girl’s trip to Tunica. These chics are too much fun and we all had a blast.

The good news? No one needs to go to Gambler’s Anonymous or anything and no one gambled away any wedding rings or deeds to their homes. Also good news, our hotel room and our supper were comped because we were so cute. At least that’s the reason I’m going with.

We stuffed ourselves at a pit stop on Beale Street in Memphis and at various buffets, my favorite of which was Paula Deen’s.  

I won’t tell you the story of a certain someone falling off the bed at 6am (it wasn’t me) or how imperative it is that your cleavage be non-wonky and evenly spread, or about my ability to make people cover their ears and say “lalalalalala” over and over again. Let’s just say that you learn a lot about your friends when confined to the small spaces of an SUV and a shared hotel room for a weekend. 

Next year we are going to Savannah! Thank you Donita, Dani and Kristin for a fabulous time!

And here’s a very blurry, very bad quality photo of us in the lobby of the Gold Strike…

3 thoughts on “road trippin’

  1. I read your post while covering my ears and saying “lalalala” 🙂 Had a great time! We will do it again next year (if not sooner! – like skydiving!)

  2. oh my! I will go ahead and claim that it was I who fell off the bed… I’m not ashamed at all to admit it… I had a wonderful time! thanks for being my partner in crime.

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