yo. what up?

eggo waffle shortage…not good…sam eats a waffle every day for breakfast and freaks the heck out if she doesn’t get it…creature of habit?…perhaps…i have to have my lowfat cinnamon brown sugar poptart every morning, she has to have her eggo…this could be a crisis worse than h1n1 in our house…

headed to nyc on friday, yessirreebobupkins!…will probably get all kinds of lost and take all kinds of wrong trains to all kinds of wrong places but that’s part o’ the fun i say…there will be tweets…and pictures…and maybe postcards even though that is incredibly unkewl and touristy of me…

thanksgiving…eh…no plans that i know of…is that sad?…or freeing?…i say the later…maybe we’ll go to cracker barrel or something…

more to say but it’s time to go pick up the punkin from daycare and get home…i’m thinkin’ popcorn for supper…tootaloo…

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