i’m back. in black.

Hey ya peeps. So i’m back in tn. NYC was all kinds of fantabulousness, as you’ve probably gathered by now. I’ll post some pics here later maybe but we’ll see. Most of you saw them on Twitter but since I can’t convince all of my friends and family to get on the Twitter bandwagon I’ll probably be nice and put some over here. Because I am awesome like that.

And now, to catch you up on my life…

Sam is sick. Again. She has pink eye in BOTH eyes and a really bad cold. She coughed most of the night last night and is very snotty and her little eyes are red, puffy and ooky crusty. The Accountant took her to the pediatrician today and I met them there. We have a prescription for some kind of ointment stuff that somehow we have to manage to put in her eyes three times a day. Have you ever wrestled a cat? I think this is going to be much like that.

Thanksgiving…not really into it this year. I mean, I’m all about the being thankful part but we really haven’t talked much about our celebratory plans. (Is “celebratory” used correctly there? must I Google EVERYTHING??) I think there might be a brief appearance at a family gathering but who knows.

Let’s see…what else…OOOOOOOOOO, my girls and I scored John Mayer tickets for his February concert here!!!! WOOT!!!!!!!!! In case you didn’t know, I am somewhat halfway kindof sorta awholeheckofalot in LUUUUUURRRRVVVVEEEE with JM…so I am super thrilled!!!

Um, drawing a blank which usually doesn’t matter because I’d normally just tell you about the weird dream I had last night or what crazy thing popped into my head on my drive in this morning…but today, I think it means this post is ovah.

Ciao dearies!

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