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27 Nov

I’m compiling a list of things that “They” don’t tell you about before you have kids of your own. The latest addition is that all members of the household will never be healthy at the same time ever again. We are constantly sick up in here. Sam is still trying to get over her latest crud and now The Accountant is really sick. In the back of my mind I realize that it’s my turn next since I’ve been relatively ok for a week or so. I’m due.

Major household decision made today…we will not be putting up a Christmas tree. Gasp, I know.  We were initially gonna get all into the Christmas spirit, having a kid and all. But then when it came down to actually taking action, we balked. I’m thinking Sam would just eat the tree, or pull it over altogether, and the ornaments, goodness knows what she’d do to those. Does that sound lame? Yes it does I know. But the way I see it, I can only get away with this for one more year, maybe two max. So we are taking advantage while there’s still time!

Can I just say that this cool girl and I are still rockin’ the gym at 4:00 am most mornings? Now I have no grand delusions (or is  it “illusions”? whatever) of winning the latest challenge my friends and I have going on (I mean, we have some real crazies participating this time) but I feel sooooooo much better with this whole exercisin’ thang. Physically and mentally. Believe it or not.

Oh, how was your Thanksgiving? Ours was quiet but good. We went to The Acccountant’s grandmothers for a good meal and some redneck shooting in the backyard. Eh, that’s another story for another day.  I am kind of bummed that I didn’t get to see my family for the holiday but with two-thirds of the household dealing with the epezooty (a word I think my dad made up to mean, “being sick with the crud”) it just didn’t happen this year. We’ll try again at Christmas. Not that my house will be very festive, what with us boycotting the tree thang and all. Hee. I love being a rebel.

And now it’s nearly midnight so I guess I’m done here. G’night peeps.

Oh complete sidenote….John Mayer’s Battle Studies? Go buy it. That is all. He does not pay me to promote him but perhaps he should. I mean, I was in Soho just last week….John? Call me.

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