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31 Dec

that title brought to you by the gigantic sneeze i just let loose on my computer screen. yuck.

sooooo, it’s 6:30 am…just got back from the gym, go me i know. i’m off work today so can i get a big yoohoo to that? thank you. today’s plan is to take kiddo to that lovely place called day care and then its off to the grocery store for me as we are out of darn near everything. we even have a load of dirty dishes sitting in the dishwasher because we are completely out of cascade, the lemon kind if you must know.

after that i think i’ll head over to the nearest metropolis to spend a giftcard and buy some new workout gear. ’cause i know dani is tired of seeing me in the same tired old pair of black pants and green tank. and i’m tired of wearing them.

and then? maybe a nap. or some laundry or writing or reading or some such. i’m sure lunch will fall in there at some point.

isn’t this the most enthralling thing you’ve read all day? i know i’m fascinating. try to contain yourselves.

so, it’s new years eve…woot woot and all of that…you know what’s bugging me though? everyone talking about the start of a new decade but really, that doesn’t start until the end of 2010 right? not the beginning of 2010? nitpicky i guess but it bugs me. cart before the horse and all of that.

we have no plans. even if we had a sitter we’d still have no plans other than hanging out with ryan seacrest or whoever it is that guides that big ass disco ball safely down in times square. its always kind of bummed me out that we never go out or do anything fun on new years eve. but whatever. not a big deal in the grand scheme of things i guess. but if you’re going out, have some fun for me ok?

10 things on a Wednesday

30 Dec

#1. I am not having a mid-life crisis, a quarter-life crisis, an end-of-life crisis, or ANY kind of crisis. Just so you know. So please stop freaking out.

#2. I am off tomorrow and I am going to spend mass amounts of money (via a giftcard, don’t panic you-know-who) on new workout gear.

#3. I am headed back west this weekend to visit grandparents and such with baby girl. We didn’t make it there at Christmas, just too much going on.

#4. 2010 is going to be a kick-butt year. Because I said so.

#5. Who wants to take me out on New Years Eve to some cool party where you get to be all snazzied up and wear cheesy hats and blow those stupid party favor whistle things and smooch at midnight? No one? Ok fine.

#6. I wish it would snow at least 3 feet deep.

#7. Sometimes you can’t help certain people. You can be there and be available but you just can’t help unless they reach out.

#8. If anyone tells me “see you next year! yuk yuk yuk” as I walk out the door today I am going to do what I always do, smile and say “yep yep”, then turn my back and roll my eyes.

#9. I am making New Year’s Resolutions but I’m not sharing them. That way, no one can make fun of me or say “I told you so” when I don’t keep them. I am brilliant I know.

#10. If I get my nose pierced please refer to #1.

Sam’s Christmas in pictures

28 Dec

I’m too tired to write a big long recount of our Christmas festivities. But suffice it to say, it was great. Sam didn’t really “get it” but she had fun anyway and that’s what counts. Her favorite gifts were the gumball machine from Santa and the horse from Papa, Grandma and Uncle Ben.

I hope you all had a great holiday and are ready for a fabulous 2010!

27 Dec

Christmas post and pics coming later once I get organized…which may be never come to think of it…

4:42am on Christmas Day

25 Dec

And I’m up for no good reason other than I fell asleep at 9pm with my makeup on and without brushing my teeth. I guess the sheer grossness of that woke me up, that’s all I can figure.

Santa came to our house last night and Sam’s gifts are patiently waiting under the tree for her to wake up, check them out and then promptly play with the paper they’re wrapped in. But I’m good with that. I know the Christmas/Santa thing is mostly for mommy this year and not the kiddo. Although yesterday surprised me a bit. We had Christmas Eve dinner at the father-in-laws and Sam kind of got into the opening gifts thing. She received two baby dolls (i’m not a doll person, never was as a kid so it didn’t even occur to me to get her a babydoll. Now some Tonka Trucks? That’s different.), some books, and Tigger and Piglet. She gave her baby’s kisses and ’bout made me cry with the sweetness.

I’m hoping when she gets a bit older that she won’t be too focused on the gift-getting part and can concentrate more on the giving, via gifts or otherwise. I always thought it was super cool of families who volunteered somewhere together, especially during the holiday season.

I’m looking forward to the trip west to my parent’s house tomorrow. More fun and frivolity. For now, I suppose I will try to go back to sleep and hopefully the next time I wake up it will be because Sam is ready to get up and we can get this Santa thing on the road.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all a y’all!

peace, love, joy & cheddar flavored goldfish

24 Dec

It’s lunchtime on Christmas Eve and I’m stealing eating Sam’s goldfish because we aren’t eating dinner until 3:00ish at the father-in-laws. Today will be family time there and then tomorrow we will have Santa and just chill at home I guess. Then on Saturday it’s on to my parent’s part of the state for the day. And then things go back to semi-normalcy, at least after new years is over. I do love this time of year, for many reasons but partially because it’s so anti-routine. And I’m not about the routine (yawn).

Next week will be another short work week for me as well which also suits me just fine. I’ve decided that I need some sort of occupation where you travel a lot, don’t have an office to speak of (because “office” equals boring desk, boring filing cabinets, boring yellow legal pads and every other tangible manifestation of boring possible), and you can wear your jeans and chucks every day. See people, I do have goals.

I’m so thankful this holiday season for my sweet family and the many blessings that I know are mine and that I am guilty of taking for granted sometimes. So with that…I wish you all peace, love and joy. Sorry, but I’m keeping the goldfish.

as i mentioned on facebook….

23 Dec

i kinda have a crush on this guy…

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