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2 Dec

why doesn’t the name “wally” rhyme with “sally”? this occurred to me on the drive in this morning and will not go away from my brain. much like my question about why the last part of the word “arkansas” is not pronounced like the word “kansas”, or vice versa. these things bug me. and this is why i do not care for grammar. if whoever made this crap up is gonna be all inconsistent and stuff, don’t harrass me for saying “you’re” instead of “your” or ending a sentence with a preposition or a conjunction function compunction or whatever the heck you call it. (disclaimer…this does not mean that i will disregard the rules of grammar for a freelance writing/editing gig i am currently working on…this just applys to my own personal beef with the grammar people. that is all.)

i worked out this morning. go me right? not really. because then i went to mcdonalds for breakfast and laughed in the face of any progress i might have made while stuffing my “growler” (heheh) with sausage. whatever. speaking of food, my lovely friend donita is taking me out today for a day-after-birthday-lunch. coolness.

i am off friday. thank the universe. i plan to work on a side project at home, walk the dog, read a little, write a little. maybe get a tattoo later that night. you know. normal boring stuff. hmmm, i suppose i ought to think about christmas shopping at some point. or not. everyone gets paper towel origami this year, um’kay? which reminds me, did i tell you that sam wanted to sleep with a paper towel the other night? i let her of course, because i’m a cool mom. she is fascinated with paper towels. this might mean that she is going to grow up to be a window washer.

i’m in a snarky mood today. so you can deal with it or go away.

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