yep yep

Bookclub was great this morning. I took Sam with me so The Accountant could sleep in and she did great. I came prepared with a bag full of toys and cheerios; the wrapping paper and boxes from our Dirty Santa festivities also helped entertain. We had read John Grisham’s Skipping Christmas as our December selection. A nice easy fun read. We now have our next six month’s worth of titles picked and dates set. I love these bookclub chicks. There are always lots of laughs and good discussion. A nice oasis for us to look forward to each month.

Hubs has taken off to Clarksville today to help a friend work on his house. I love that Hubs is not only brainy, but handy as well. He can fix stuff y’all. And build stuff. And look super cute doing all of it which is a definite plus. I love him.

I’m trying to do a bit of work from home while kiddo naps but you can see that I got distracted. But I’m making a bit of progress on some work things so that’s good. After Sam wakes up it will be lunchtime for her and then playtime. We may venture out to Target or somewhere but we’ll see.

My mom’s birthday is Tuesday. I miss my family. Come see us.

Here’s a couple of Sam pics. Later taters.

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