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after the blarg post…

8 Dec

…we need something better doncha think?

So first of all, Happy Birthday to my mom today! Love you much! xoxo!

And secondly, this gave me a happy yesterday when I got it in the mail…its a huge birthday card of New York and you push a button and Times Square lights up all kind of crazy. It’s hard to tell here but the lights move around and it’s all sparkly and makes me smile.

I love me some New York tacky! Thank you R!

So there, two happy things vs. one crappy thing. Happy wins. Boo-ya!


8 Dec

I’m having a really bad day. Let’s just get that right out there. I feel beat down and discouraged with no way out of this hole I’ve put myself in. And I can’t even, don’t even, want to talk about specifics (not here obviously, but not anywhere or to anyone) because if you’re not here, in this place with me, you can’t possibly get it. You can’t see the shit that hits the fan every damn day. And I can’t even get across the craziness that I deal with here. It’s ridiculous and stifling. I am suffocating. And I don’t know what to do about it. I’m stumped. So I do nothing, which then exacerbates the problem.

That said, I’m so thankful for my friends.

/end blarg

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