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finding your scarf adjuster

10 Dec

This post is from one of the only people who can make me smile at 4 am. Her blog makes me smile at all hours.

scarves and wind

things i think you should know

10 Dec

there is a bowl of okra on the filing cabinet in the common area of CrazyLand. i do not know why. it’s next to the tin of cookies. guess which one is empty?

i am getting a tattoo on friday night. mom, i am not kidding. please do not freak out. it won’t be on my face or anything so you won’t even have to look at it if you don’t want to.

there is a guy at my gym who looks just like the little guy in the super mario nintendo game. is his name “super mario” or what? whatever, he looksĀ just like him. i keep expecting him to bounce off the weight machines and collect coins or something.

in related gym talk, i think if you go work out at 4 am you should by default drop at least 2 lbs with every gym visit. therefore, i should be freakin’ buff right now and yet, i’m not. its depressing. maybe it’s all the poptarts i eat. counterproductive.

i think you are supposed to comb your child’s hair before taking them to school. i always forget to do this. this morning it was quite obvious that i’d forgot. poor kid. just call her “lil miss rat’s nest”.

i want some argyle tights. have i mentioned this before? i think they’re kewl.

three miscellaneous things that amuse me…watching the television on mute, catching a guy checking out an attractive girl without him knowing that i totally busted him (that cracks me up every time), when The Accountant sings “Shake Your Booty” to Sam and she really does shake her diaper-clad booty.

carry on with your day. peace.

stuff ‘n things ‘n more stuff

10 Dec

Sam got her seasonal flu booster shot today, and an unexpected H1N1 shot. She’ll have to go back in a month for the H1N1 booster and then hopefully the flu will be so a’skeered of her it won’t dare go near the lil’ punkin. Crossing my fingers. She did ok. Screamed during the shots of course but so do I, heh. She’s finally at the hugging stage and I love it. The Accountant or I can pick her up to console her or just because and she’ll give us a hug and sometimes a sweet baby kiss if she’s feeling lovey. Its so sweet. How did I get here? Oh yes, because she cuddled up to me after her shots and we just stayed in the exam room for a few minutes letting our wounds heal a bit.

Christmas. Ok people, I am NOT ready for this. We had no intentions of putting up a tree or even sending Christmas cards but it seems that one of us (I won’t mention any names but it is not me) is waffling and about to cave. We shall see come Monday morning if there is a tree up in our house. Oh, and I haven’t even thought about shopping yet. Hardy har har. That’s me, always prepared to wait until the last possible second to get things done. Keeps things interesting ya know.

I’m having a somewhat productive day in CrazyLand today. (I’ve decided that “CrazyLand” is an appropriate pseudonym for the place that provides my paycheck, in addition to “The Man”) It’s my Friday so I’m a bit more chipper than usual with the prospect of a three day weekend in front of me. Woot woot.

Ok, the end.

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