things i think you should know

there is a bowl of okra on the filing cabinet in the common area of CrazyLand. i do not know why. it’s next to the tin of cookies. guess which one is empty?

i am getting a tattoo on friday night. mom, i am not kidding. please do not freak out. it won’t be on my face or anything so you won’t even have to look at it if you don’t want to.

there is a guy at my gym who looks just like the little guy in the super mario nintendo game. is his name “super mario” or what? whatever, he looks just like him. i keep expecting him to bounce off the weight machines and collect coins or something.

in related gym talk, i think if you go work out at 4 am you should by default drop at least 2 lbs with every gym visit. therefore, i should be freakin’ buff right now and yet, i’m not. its depressing. maybe it’s all the poptarts i eat. counterproductive.

i think you are supposed to comb your child’s hair before taking them to school. i always forget to do this. this morning it was quite obvious that i’d forgot. poor kid. just call her “lil miss rat’s nest”.

i want some argyle tights. have i mentioned this before? i think they’re kewl.

three miscellaneous things that amuse me…watching the television on mute, catching a guy checking out an attractive girl without him knowing that i totally busted him (that cracks me up every time), when The Accountant sings “Shake Your Booty” to Sam and she really does shake her diaper-clad booty.

carry on with your day. peace.

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