so, i really wasn’t kidding

Last night was a first. I got a tattoo. A rather large tattoo on my back. I’ve wanted one for ages and had originally thought I’d get one to mark my 30th birthday. But that was four years ago and it didn’t happen. This was the year apparently and as I told my friend, I decided to go big or go home. I went big. And yeah, it hurt. I had one moment of panic midway through but I mean you can’t really leave the tat shop with a halfway done piece with any dignity can you? So I steeled my nerves and focused on breathing and my handsome husband who’s gift this was for my 34th birthday. I found my “zone”, zenned out with deep breathing, peaceful thoughts and some m&m’s and made it through. And really, childbirth is way worse so there is that.

And so, here it is…oh, and for the record, it does mean something to me, I didn’t just pick this design out of thin air. But it’s personal and I love it for many reasons.

Big kudos and hugs to Will at Lone Wolf on Broadway. You rawk.

11 thoughts on “so, i really wasn’t kidding

  1. Okay, that’s awesome. I mean, like, AWESOME.

    I was going to get one for my 30th, too, but I haven’t thought of anything I can live with yet. Maybe I’ll figure it out when I’m 34.

    I mean…awesome.

  2. MOM!!! I was wondering when you were going to make an appearance on this post. Soooooo, am I still in the will or not? 🙂 Has dad picked himself off the floor yet? There are worse things you know…. Love you!!!!

  3. DH, you’d better not! Mom has threatened violent death on the family member or friend who alerts gramma to my ink!!! Seriously. Do not mess with her. 🙂 xoxo.

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