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sam check up

16 Dec

Just a quickie for family to read about Sam’s doctor visit today. It was just for a check up and to get 2 immunizations. All is ok but there was a slight concern that she is losing weight, and not gaining at an appropriate level. She’s dropped below the 50th percentile and is only just over 19 lbs when she was at least 24ish. When she goes back for 2nd h1n1 shot in 3 weeks, the doc will check her weight again and go from there. If it’s not improved she will draw blood, check thyroid, etc. Hopefully she just hasn’t been eating much because she’s been sick with various things the past few weeks. And so it goes. Love y’all.

oh you know, just random stuff

16 Dec

Ohmagoodness y’all, I can hardly keep my eyes open today. I went to bed around 10ish so that’s not too bad right? Or maybe it is when you get up at 3:30 like a crazy person to meet another crazy person at the gym. But it’s ok because I weighed this morning and I’m down 2 lbs since last week. So we’ll take it.

I think my parents are coming over for a visit either Sunday or Monday, not sure which yet. This will be a good thing as it feels like forever since I’ve seen them. And Sam will love the attention I’m sure. Too bad my house isn’t all decked out for the holidays but that’s not gonna happen this late in the game I don’t think. I’m thinkin’ we should just go to the Opryland Hotel to get our Christmas tree and lights fix. Brilliant you say? Yes.

I’m off work tomorrow and then will go back on Friday. Rather odd schedule this week but that’s how it worked out. I’d like to take Sam somewhere fun, indoors of course…ideas? Is she too little for the science museum? Maybe I will trust my Thursday activities to Google in a minute.

Sam goes to the doctor today for a check up. Not sure if she gets shots or not. I hope not. Poor kid has had all kind of flu shots and immunizations it seems. No more than any other kid I know but she’s MY kid. I think she is going to be a handful. I’m getting that feeling. Payback’s a you-know-what huh mom?

Still haven’t figured out how much time I’m taking off for the holidays. As apathetic towards Christmas as I am this year, I will be taking full advantage of a personal day that I have to take before the end of the year or loose, and my 4 day/week schedule. Guess I need to figure that out huh? I’m such a slacker.

The tattoo is healing up quite nicely and hasn’t been painful or anything. Just a bit sore and is now peeling. Cute huh? I find myself glancing in the mirror as I walk by to see if it’s still there and to make sure it hasn’t rubbed off or smudged yet. I do this because I am a complete dork. And you love me for it.

Ok I’m done here now. Adios.

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