sam check up

Just a quickie for family to read about Sam’s doctor visit today. It was just for a check up and to get 2 immunizations. All is ok but there was a slight concern that she is losing weight, and not gaining at an appropriate level. She’s dropped below the 50th percentile and is only just over 19 lbs when she was at least 24ish. When she goes back for 2nd h1n1 shot in 3 weeks, the doc will check her weight again and go from there. If it’s not improved she will draw blood, check thyroid, etc. Hopefully she just hasn’t been eating much because she’s been sick with various things the past few weeks. And so it goes. Love y’all.

4 thoughts on “sam check up

  1. Well, good the doc is keeping a check and all that, but, you were never raised in the era of percentiles. (I’m puzzled by the whole idea, being math challenged and all.) Remember what a toothpick, underweight child and teen you were? And think about your lanky-Lincoln thin father of the who-knows-what percentile. I bet she’s just taking after the thin family genes–from the other side of the family. It’s not a bad thing. If all checks out, let the doc know she simply comes from good “watered-down” stock! If your father ever becomes obese, we’ll know the world has gone awry.

  2. I know this is a family post, but I enjoyed this little exchange. I can’t imagine having come from a skinny family, but I’m happy for you all :). And blessings to little Sam–I’ve no doubt she’s fine. Marley’s usually in the normal percentile for weight but way up in the the percentile for height. Let’s hope she stays on that track, unlike her mom and aunt!

  3. I wouldn’t worry yet either. It kinda’ makes sense since she started walking. She has a lot of exploring to do and not interested in eating as much. And I’m sure into everything. Like your mom said, hopefully it is just in the genes.

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