okie dokie

My hands are super dry and I forgot my lotion today. Am going to have to go bumming for some.

Lovely weekend. Finished shopping. Well, make that started and finished shopping. In about 4 hours. At Target. Go me. I approached it guerrilla warfare style. Ambushed the place and got out as fast as possible. Seemed to work great. Excellent strategy if I do say so myself.

Hubs caved and put up the Christmas tree. Lights only, no ornaments. And I will admit that Sam seems transfixed by it. So good call on hubby’s part.

Parents and bro came over Saturday night. Sam entertained all. Mom and Dad had to camp out in the living room since we only have one spare bed and it’s a twin. Oh well. It seemed to work ok. It was great to have them visiting.

Sunday morning was gym for me and then a family outing to church and then lunch at a local Mexican place. Sam had her usual freak out in church so to the nursery we went. I honestly can’t blame her for getting bored… She did great at the restaurant though and fell asleep on the way home.

Mom and I went to the coolest open-house-holiday-party-thingy-I-don’t-know-what-to-call-it that afternoon. My lovely friend Dani, had her handmade cards there. (Go check out her website by the way…hello you cards…they are FAB!!!) There was also a jewelry maker, who it turns out, was from my home county and I remember her from Jr. High/High School days. Small world. A candle maker, massage therapist and nut butter rounded out the vendors. There were tons of food and beverages. And my unhappy tired poopy child. Sigh. But overall it was a fabulous and lovely time with sexy cool artsy hip chics and their wares.  

And now it’s Monday again but it’s Christmas week!!! All is right in my world.

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