holiday stuffs

today is my friday. i’m taking off wednesday as my regular day off and then of course, the holiday is thursday and friday. woot. maybe i’ll take monday off too but we’ll see.

i have gifts to wrap, which mostly consists of putting gift cards into envelopes. i am all about the stress-free holiday this year. granted, the accountant did put up the tree when we originally weren’t going to, but sam loves it and there are no ornaments on it. the take down should be painless. i never got around to sending out the first xmas card either. did all my shopping online or w/in 3 hours in one place (target), word has it that santa doesn’t wrap gifts, and i don’t cook so there ya go. stress-free!

we’ll go to my father-in-laws for xmas eve (and get to see my brother-in-law one more time before he ships out) and then figure out when to go to my parents for a day. either the day after xmas or on new years, one of those.

my dad is getting the coolest present this year. if you follow me on twitter then you already know. if not, i’ll tell you what he got after xmas b/c i think he occasionally stops by here to see if i’ve gotten into any trouble lately. good thing i don’t post about my trouble till after it happens huh? i.e. the tattoo, which he was not very happy with. know how i know? ’cause this past weekend when it was mentioned he would just kind of glower at me over his specs. but its ok dad, this gift is gonna make up for it. it’s supa-fly.

the other man in my life, the accountant, is getting a pretty sweet gift as well…and since he forced me to tell him what it is already, i will share. i got him/us gift certificates to go zip lining at adventureworks. i was trying to think of something unique for my sweetie and miss dani mentioned this today and i thought “eureka! that’s brilliant!” and told her so. he seemed to love it, so score! again with the wooting.

anywhos. happy holidayschristmashanukkahkwanzaawintersolsticefestivus to you and yours.

5 thoughts on “holiday stuffs

  1. Actually, that’s how I wanna make my grand exit from el jobbo. Out the window, saluting as I slide away from there forever.

  2. Well, our tree will be down by New Year’s, I’m thinking, but since you have one, that’s fine.

    Oh dear, wait till your father reads this about the zipping. Which, in my book, sounds a bit safer than sky diving or bungee jumping, both of which I know is coming in your life–eventually. Um, could you be adopted or something? No one else in the family has this much chutzpah!

  3. we’ve decided when we’re coming. i’ll email you later.

    and if it wasn’t physically obvious that i am your child, i would swear i was adopted as well. and i’m just getting started with the chutzpah mom! get used to it. woot! 🙂 love you.

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