peace, love, joy & cheddar flavored goldfish

It’s lunchtime on Christmas Eve and I’m stealing eating Sam’s goldfish because we aren’t eating dinner until 3:00ish at the father-in-laws. Today will be family time there and then tomorrow we will have Santa and just chill at home I guess. Then on Saturday it’s on to my parent’s part of the state for the day. And then things go back to semi-normalcy, at least after new years is over. I do love this time of year, for many reasons but partially because it’s so anti-routine. And I’m not about the routine (yawn).

Next week will be another short work week for me as well which also suits me just fine. I’ve decided that I need some sort of occupation where you travel a lot, don’t have an office to speak of (because “office” equals boring desk, boring filing cabinets, boring yellow legal pads and every other tangible manifestation of boring possible), and you can wear your jeans and chucks every day. See people, I do have goals.

I’m so thankful this holiday season for my sweet family and the many blessings that I know are mine and that I am guilty of taking for granted sometimes. So with that…I wish you all peace, love and joy. Sorry, but I’m keeping the goldfish.

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