4:42am on Christmas Day

And I’m up for no good reason other than I fell asleep at 9pm with my makeup on and without brushing my teeth. I guess the sheer grossness of that woke me up, that’s all I can figure.

Santa came to our house last night and Sam’s gifts are patiently waiting under the tree for her to wake up, check them out and then promptly play with the paper they’re wrapped in. But I’m good with that. I know the Christmas/Santa thing is mostly for mommy this year and not the kiddo. Although yesterday surprised me a bit. We had Christmas Eve dinner at the father-in-laws and Sam kind of got into the opening gifts thing. She received two baby dolls (i’m not a doll person, never was as a kid so it didn’t even occur to me to get her a babydoll. Now some Tonka Trucks? That’s different.), some books, and Tigger and Piglet. She gave her baby’s kisses and ’bout made me cry with the sweetness.

I’m hoping when she gets a bit older that she won’t be too focused on the gift-getting part and can concentrate more on the giving, via gifts or otherwise. I always thought it was super cool of families who volunteered somewhere together, especially during the holiday season.

I’m looking forward to the trip west to my parent’s house tomorrow. More fun and frivolity. For now, I suppose I will try to go back to sleep and hopefully the next time I wake up it will be because Sam is ready to get up and we can get this Santa thing on the road.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all a y’all!

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