10 things on a Wednesday

#1. I am not having a mid-life crisis, a quarter-life crisis, an end-of-life crisis, or ANY kind of crisis. Just so you know. So please stop freaking out.

#2. I am off tomorrow and I am going to spend mass amounts of money (via a giftcard, don’t panic you-know-who) on new workout gear.

#3. I am headed back west this weekend to visit grandparents and such with baby girl. We didn’t make it there at Christmas, just too much going on.

#4. 2010 is going to be a kick-butt year. Because I said so.

#5. Who wants to take me out on New Years Eve to some cool party where you get to be all snazzied up and wear cheesy hats and blow those stupid party favor whistle things and smooch at midnight? No one? Ok fine.

#6. I wish it would snow at least 3 feet deep.

#7. Sometimes you can’t help certain people. You can be there and be available but you just can’t help unless they reach out.

#8. If anyone tells me “see you next year! yuk yuk yuk” as I walk out the door today I am going to do what I always do, smile and say “yep yep”, then turn my back and roll my eyes.

#9. I am making New Year’s Resolutions but I’m not sharing them. That way, no one can make fun of me or say “I told you so” when I don’t keep them. I am brilliant I know.

#10. If I get my nose pierced please refer to #1.

6 thoughts on “10 things on a Wednesday

  1. #5 – I would take you out, i have awesome boots to wear and will have a snazzy new do…
    #9 – me too!
    ===== and you rock, and I will go with when you get your nose pierced cause I think it’s cool.

  2. I like #4 a lot, but may I add that 2009 can kiss my butt. I wrote a post on Mute Button trying to be positive but overall 2009 just blew monkey chunks.

  3. dani, no, YOU rawk.

    holly, yes! we should hang.

    kathy, i’m gonna check out your post…and 2009 was a very weird year…

    mom, if i do, it will just be a teetiny lil’ stud. you won’t even know its there! (see, most parents are dealing with this stuff while their kids are still at home. be happy i’m lotsa miles away and self-supporting!) 😛

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