that title brought to you by the gigantic sneeze i just let loose on my computer screen. yuck.

sooooo, it’s 6:30 am…just got back from the gym, go me i know. i’m off work today so can i get a big yoohoo to that? thank you. today’s plan is to take kiddo to that lovely place called day care and then its off to the grocery store for me as we are out of darn near everything. we even have a load of dirty dishes sitting in the dishwasher because we are completely out of cascade, the lemon kind if you must know.

after that i think i’ll head over to the nearest metropolis to spend a giftcard and buy some new workout gear. ’cause i know dani is tired of seeing me in the same tired old pair of black pants and green tank. and i’m tired of wearing them.

and then? maybe a nap. or some laundry or writing or reading or some such. i’m sure lunch will fall in there at some point.

isn’t this the most enthralling thing you’ve read all day? i know i’m fascinating. try to contain yourselves.

so, it’s new years eve…woot woot and all of that…you know what’s bugging me though? everyone talking about the start of a new decade but really, that doesn’t start until the end of 2010 right? not the beginning of 2010? nitpicky i guess but it bugs me. cart before the horse and all of that.

we have no plans. even if we had a sitter we’d still have no plans other than hanging out with ryan seacrest or whoever it is that guides that big ass disco ball safely down in times square. its always kind of bummed me out that we never go out or do anything fun on new years eve. but whatever. not a big deal in the grand scheme of things i guess. but if you’re going out, have some fun for me ok?

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