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the "ipad"???? really??? i'm way out of the loop b/c i just realized this is honest to goodness what apple is calling its new miracle gadget...the "ipad"...and now all i can think of is kotex...hey, apple marketing dept? call me. i bought a few of these for lunch lately...they are yummy delish...spare me the speech... Continue Reading →

template stuff & a sam pic

I'm thinking of changing my template again. I'm very partial to the current one guessed it...I'm bored, need a change...oh well, in the meantime, here's a picture of Sam being goofy. In this particular instance she would get into this position, then turn her head to look at me and say "poop", then resume... Continue Reading →


This weekend has been nice. Sam finally seems to be on the mend for a while at least. The antibiotics have had some gross side effects but I gave her the last dose today so that's a good thing. Its been an interesting week at work. Many because I am so close to seeing some... Continue Reading →

two very important things

1) I hate cheesy ringtones. To be more specific, I hate ringtones in general. This quirk of mine came to mind because some random person just walked in my office and his phone lets out an obnoxious and somehow techy-pervy "BOW-CHICA-BOW-BOW"...I mean, really? And there's nothing like doing your business in the ladies room when the chick's phone in... Continue Reading →

ok, and again

very frustrating doctor appt with sam. waited over an hour after appointment time. sam was bored and cranky and pitched the classic stomach to the floor kicking and screaming tantrum. three times. the good news is that she's better, just have to continue the meds until they're gone. so, onward.


what up world? things might be calming down in some aspects in our household. sam is much much better, thank the lord and antibiotics. i take her back to the doctor in a couple of hours for a follow up but all seems well and she went back to day care yesterday with no problems... Continue Reading →

the vicks thing

Oh, so I've gotten several questions about what in the world was I doing, where did I hear of such a thing, you are a crazy person...regarding putting Vicks Vapor Rub on Sam's feet at night to help with the congestion/coughing. I read about it once on a mommy message board but never tried it... Continue Reading →

fun times with sick kiddo

this will be short. kiddo sent home from daycare with temp on thursday. trip to er on friday night b/c of sudden nose bleeding. yeah, i saw blood all over my kid, i freaked, we went to the er. nothing life-threatening, just a nose bleed from whatever causes nosebleeds. back to doctor today with fever.... Continue Reading →

sick again. go figure.

I mean, its been a couple of weeks right? About time to be sick again. Daycare called me about 2:30 today. Sam had a 101.1 (that point 1 is very important, heh) fever, cough had worsened, not eating and very fussy. Poor kid is miserable but has her chipper moments still. She ate a bit... Continue Reading →


don't go all nerdy on me or nuthin' and be googling "padoodiddyloo". i just made it up. i saw this quote today and snickered (people do not use the word "snicker" nearly enough do they? dang i need some chocolate now...) because it reminded me of myself...Henry S. Haskins said..."The time to stop talking is when... Continue Reading →

just me…talking about stuff

First and most importantly, the earthquake in Haiti...horrible, tragic, unimaginable...things like this put my silly whining and craziness into severe perspective. You can donate at several places but two of my favs are the American Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders. Speaking of  things these tragedies put into perspective, I keep hearing all these rumblings... Continue Reading →


to that person who wanted to see the know who you are..2 things..don't be skeered to cut it, it grows back..and, get an email account, this is 2010...luv ya...


I'm kinda diggin' this necklace today... In other news, it's still cold but I'm thinking we're not gonna get the blizzard of '10 like people are freaking out about. Call me crazy (I know you do that anyway) but we'll see. I mean, I'm all for a snow day but I just have my doubts.... Continue Reading →

inky dinky rinky

...because that rhymes and all... i'm tired today. and solemnly swear to go to bed early tonight. like by 9pm. its not like i stay up late doing anything productive either. i'm watching house hunters or goofing online, reading, writing, blahditty blahditty blahditty. its cold out y'all. like worse than cold. more like frigid. like you... Continue Reading →

so here we go…

...with a new year and all that jazz. i'm not going to post an official "reflections from 2009/new years resolutions for 2010" because honestly, i'm just not into that this year. i have some personal goals for the year that i'll keep to myself as they are mine to work on. (and one of them... Continue Reading →

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