so here we go…

…with a new year and all that jazz. i’m not going to post an official “reflections from 2009/new years resolutions for 2010” because honestly, i’m just not into that this year. i have some personal goals for the year that i’ll keep to myself as they are mine to work on. (and one of them is not to start using caps in appropriate places, sorry grammar peeps).

today has been trying. sam has been a bear and so have i and i can admit that. part of it is just me being my usual charming self and part of it is the time of year. i always gets bummed and pissy after the holidays. sue me.

so anyway, not much to say tonight but i am posting this cute picture of my bear to remind myself that i am lucky to have her. even if she does hit me in the face with wood blocks. the letter n one, specifically.

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