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inky dinky rinky

5 Jan

…because that rhymes and all…

i’m tired today. and solemnly swear to go to bed early tonight. like by 9pm. its not like i stay up late doing anything productive either. i’m watching house hunters or goofing online, reading, writing, blahditty blahditty blahditty.

its cold out y’all. like worse than cold. more like frigid.┬álike you didn’t know this already right. i got nuthin today, can you tell? i hope it snows buckets and buckets this week. buckets i tell you. big 5 gallon ones.

my phone is ringing…i’m not answering it…oh, drat, they left a voice mail…some days you just don’t feel like talking to anyone ya know?

i have been very indecisive today. time to go do some stuff now. i love this blog…my brain just spills out and scares all a y’all doesn’t it? bwahahahahaha!

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