catching up and cutting out

I feel like I’m falling behind. On emails, on work, on my writing, on my fitness, on being where I want to be. On my life. I need a plan. Or a life coach. Or a life coach to help me with my plan.

And it seems that no matter how much I sleep, I still wake up tired. I think I’m just tired in general.

I’ve decided to limit some online things because I waste far too much time on them for no good reason. i.e., Twitter & Facebook…see ya when I see ya. I’ll still be around but just not as much as before. 

I’d like to journal more. On real paper. Write more letters. The old fashioned snailmail way. Cook more (yeah, I hear you laughing. Shut up.). Even if that means making tacos from one of those Ortega kits. ‘Cause for me, that’s cooking. Laugh more. Not worry so much. Experience more. Do more.

Which when I think about it, all of this may be counterintuitive to the whole catching up thing. Maybe what I really want is to reprioritize. Yes, that’s it. Eureka, I’ve found it! The word, not the how. But we’ll get there. Right? Yes.

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