just me…talking about stuff

First and most importantly, the earthquake in Haiti…horrible, tragic, unimaginable…things like this put my silly whining and craziness into severe perspective. You can donate at several places but two of my favs are the American Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders.

Speaking of  things these tragedies put into perspective, I keep hearing all these rumblings about some guy named Lane Kiffin leaving TN and heading to Cali? Now I wouldn’t give you two cents for Vols football and I haven’t followed any of the details and don’t know any of the ins and outs…but here’s my take anyway because this is my blog…lets just say that I get a job offer in Knoxville, TN or a job offer in sunny SoCal…personally, I’m on the next plane west. See ya. The end.

The Leno/Conan saga…again, don’t care much about this either. But for the record, I love Leno, and am not a Conan fan. And I think I’m in the minority but I usually am. So there’s that.

Foursquare…I will not be sucked in I will not be sucked in I will not be sucked in. Really. I won’t. Do not attempt to persuade me either. I shall not be moved.

My mother will be happy to hear that my partner-in-crime and I have been shot down when it comes to getting the dress code changed at the workplace to allow nose piercings. Lame corporate snots and their so-called professionalism. They wouldn’t get personal expression if it punched them in their pot bellies.

Let’s end on a happy note shall we? Happy Note. (You can so hire me for your next party if you need a corny comedian.)

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