don’t go all nerdy on me or nuthin’ and be googling “padoodiddyloo”. i just made it up.

i saw this quote today and snickered (people do not use the word “snicker” nearly enough do they? dang i need some chocolate now…) because it reminded me of myself…Henry S. Haskins said…”The time to stop talking is when the other person nods his head affirmatively but says nothing.” i think i’m gonna print that off and put it somewhere discrete but not discrete in my office…did i spell “discrete” right?

i do believe a preds game is in my near future with the brother and his fiance. that was our christmas gift to them this year. i usually make it out to more than one game a season but this year that hasn’t happened. i miss those hockey boyz.

i just had the weirdest lunch combination of a “chili bucket” (yes, JH, i hear you laughing), tostidos and salsa. sort of a poor man’s nacho creation methinks. not sure i liked it.

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