sick again. go figure.

I mean, its been a couple of weeks right? About time to be sick again. Daycare called me about 2:30 today. Sam had a 101.1 (that point 1 is very important, heh) fever, cough had worsened, not eating and very fussy. Poor kid is miserable but has her chipper moments still. She ate a bit of supper and I got her in her jammies. Early bedtime but she’s been up a couple of times already, coughing and crying. We’ve given Motrin, put Vicks on her feet (don’t lecture me about that please) and given her lots of tlc. She can’t go to daycare tomorrow with the fever but I wouldn’t take her there anyway. We have an appointment with the pediatrician in the morning so we’ll see what that brings. Probably, “its viral, nothing we can do, have fun waiting it out”.

Hubs and I aren’t feeling so hot either. But I’m choosing to ignore that and carry on. I will not acknowledge the germs and they will have to disappear because they will get bored. That’s what I’m saying anyway.

One thought on “sick again. go figure.

  1. Explain putting Vicks on her feet. Is this something new your dad needs to know the next time he has a cold (You know how he believes in that stuff). Did you mean on her chest? Sorry she’s sick.

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