the vicks thing

Oh, so I’ve gotten several questions about what in the world was I doing, where did I hear of such a thing, you are a crazy person…regarding putting Vicks Vapor Rub on Sam’s feet at night to help with the congestion/coughing.

I read about it once on a mommy message board but never tried it until last night. And you know what? It did seem to help. However, then she woke up with the nosebleed thing which I highly doubt had anything to do with rubbing slimy stinky stuff on her feet and then encasing them in footie jammies, but you just never know do you? Will I do it again? I dunno. Maybe I’ll try it on myself next time I need some congestion relief…

Anyway, google “vicks on feet” and you’ll find all kinds of controversy about whether it’s a hoax, a myth, crazy folk medicine or legit. Personally, I think it’s worth a shot when you’re desperate for your kid to get some relief and for both mommy and kiddo to get some sleep.

Carry on.

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