this happened to me today & i was super bummed

know what i hate? when oatmeal raisin cookies fool me and i think they’re chocolate chip cookies and i buy them looking forward to a yummy snack only to discover the awful truth when i bite into a perfectly good grape that has been shriveled up and is all wrinkly and chewy and sticks in my teeth. that sucks.

just had to get that out.

in other news, poor sick baby sam is waking up about every hour crying. one of us goes in and holds her for a few minutes and she goes back to sleep. rinse and repeat. hubs and i are exhausted zombie-like creatures stumbling around with bleary eyes and furrowed brows. this too shall pass i know and there are worse things. much worse. it just hurts me that she hurts and i just want her to be well and happy. oh, and not hit me with wooden alphabet blocks. and lets be honest, it also hurts me that i just want to dream the impossible dream and sleep for three days straight but can’t. ha. 

i would totally be in bed right now but my sheets are in the dryer and they are my favorite set so i don’t want to put any others on the bed. and so i sit here watching house hunters and picturing myself on that show searching for the perfect flat in paris and waiting for my sheets to dry. isn’t that a song? “waiting for my sheets to dry”? oh wait, no, it’s not. i just googled it and if you can’t find it on google, it doesn’t exist.

if you read this crap you must be really bored. g’night. sleep some for me.

2 thoughts on “this happened to me today & i was super bummed

  1. ok, i had no idea what you were referring to when you posted this comment…until i finally caught up with the rest of the world and ’bout fell out from laughing!!!!

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