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two very important things

19 Jan

1) I hate cheesy ringtones. To be more specific, I hate ringtones in general. This quirk of mine came to mind because some random person just walked in my office and his phone lets out an obnoxious and somehow techy-pervy “BOW-CHICA-BOW-BOW”…I mean, really? And there’s nothing like doing your business in the ladies room when the chick’s phone in the stall next to you sings out “I WILL SURVIVE, AS LONG AS I KNOW HOW TO LOVE I KNOW I’LL STAY ALIVE”…and then she ANSWERS it!!!! Have you no dignity people??!!! This is when I flush the monstrously loud toilet on purpose…because she deserves that at least.

2) Know what cracks me up? Some of this Facebook stuff…the groups…the games…For instance, so-and-so joined the group “i-like-to-eat-twizzlers-and-roast-beef-at-the-same-time-group” or “my-mom-used-to-make-me-wear-sailor-collar-shirts-and-saddle-shoes-to-sunday-school-and-now-i’m-scarred-for-life-group”, or maybe so-and-so found a fluffy blue grumpy fairy creature on their farm that was lost and could you please help find her way back to lala land, or became a fan of “snuggling with stuffed cows at 3:12 pm every day” or “sniffing wet purple playdoh”…cracks me up…no offense to any of my FB friends…I love y’all for entertaining me.

Well now, typing this killed a good fifteen minutes of my life. And now I feel cleansed somehow. Mwah. Ciao.

ok, and again

19 Jan

very frustrating doctor appt with sam. waited over an hour after appointment time. sam was bored and cranky and pitched the classic stomach to the floor kicking and screaming tantrum. three times. the good news is that she’s better, just have to continue the meds until they’re gone.

so, onward.


19 Jan

what up world?

things might be calming down in some aspects in our household. sam is much much better, thank the lord and antibiotics. i take her back to the doctor in a couple of hours for a follow up but all seems well and she went back to day care yesterday with no problems other than buckets of snot and coughing her cute lil head off. normal stuff. ha. i have some new pics of the little booger i’ll post later maybe. ’cause i know that’s really why y’all visit me over here, to see cute kiddo pics. uh-huh, its ok, you can admit it.

other than that…oh yes, it’s officially tax season, as of yesterday. hug your accountant please, they work hard to keep you out of trouble with the irs this time of year and out of jail.

dani and i are back on track with our early morning (aka, the buttcrack of dawn) workouts. it feels so great to get the blood pumping in the am. that is, after i have dragged myself out of bed when all i really wanna do is snuggle under the warm blankets for another couple of hours. no pain, no gain. the scale however, seems to be stuck on one particular set of numbers. i set small goals for myself that i like to think are manageable and realistic. my current one is to get the dern scale to move out of a certain set of numbers and into a set that i haven’t seen in a very long time. and seriously, the 2 lbs i need to go away to achieve that are being complete and utter biotches about leaving. but i’ll get there. and perhaps it would help if i avoided all chocolate volcanoes at mexican restaurants and sonic drive ins as well. oy.

that about sums it up kids. y’all have fun out there.

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