two very important things

1) I hate cheesy ringtones. To be more specific, I hate ringtones in general. This quirk of mine came to mind because some random person just walked in my office and his phone lets out an obnoxious and somehow techy-pervy “BOW-CHICA-BOW-BOW”…I mean, really? And there’s nothing like doing your business in the ladies room when the chick’s phone in the stall next to you sings out “I WILL SURVIVE, AS LONG AS I KNOW HOW TO LOVE I KNOW I’LL STAY ALIVE”…and then she ANSWERS it!!!! Have you no dignity people??!!! This is when I flush the monstrously loud toilet on purpose…because she deserves that at least.

2) Know what cracks me up? Some of this Facebook stuff…the groups…the games…For instance, so-and-so joined the group “i-like-to-eat-twizzlers-and-roast-beef-at-the-same-time-group” or “my-mom-used-to-make-me-wear-sailor-collar-shirts-and-saddle-shoes-to-sunday-school-and-now-i’m-scarred-for-life-group”, or maybe so-and-so found a fluffy blue grumpy fairy creature on their farm that was lost and could you please help find her way back to lala land, or became a fan of “snuggling with stuffed cows at 3:12 pm every day” or “sniffing wet purple playdoh”…cracks me up…no offense to any of my FB friends…I love y’all for entertaining me.

Well now, typing this killed a good fifteen minutes of my life. And now I feel cleansed somehow. Mwah. Ciao.

One thought on “two very important things

  1. It’s just another devolution of our phones into high pieces of technology that happen to have phone options on them…

    Computers that happen to call people. Radios on our ears that broadcast what we’re listening to at the moment.

    I hate ring tones, too, but that’s people most people have really shitty taste in music. Myself included.

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