This weekend has been nice. Sam finally seems to be on the mend for a while at least. The antibiotics have had some gross side effects but I gave her the last dose today so that’s a good thing.

Its been an interesting week at work. Many because I am so close to seeing some major changes in the work thang that I’m antsy with anticipation and well, just plain ol’ HOPE. For the first time in a long time. So y’all cross your fingers for me and send me good vibes on getting out of a bad situation. And I hope I didn’t just jinx everything.

We had a tornado scare today but all seems to have passed now. Those things are freaky. What is up with the weather these days anyway? Earthquakes, floods, tornados, a Republican in MA….???? All kinds of craziness going on.

I’m going to the Predators game Saturday night with my brother and his fiance. Should be a great time. I usually make it to one or two games a year but this will be the first one for this season. I do love me some hockey though.

I really got nuthin much to report. Mainly because what I want to talk about I feel like I can’t right now. So I’ll keep my mouth shut and my mind open.

Have a great week all.

One thought on “changes?

  1. I may be working at the Predators game Saturday… one of the concession stands to raise money for daughter’s baton crap. Your day will come!

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