regarding the weekend

Valentine’s Day. Lovely flowers from The Accountant and some time away from the house thanks to my mom. Date night consisted of going to Staples for toner, the bookstore for Sam’s Valentine, a sports bar for the end of the Vandy/KY game and Kroger for various foodage. Yeah, those were random destinations but it was one of our better date nights. I don’t know what … Continue reading regarding the weekend

random things from last weekend

Bookclub. We read “The Power of Positive Thinking”. Normally, I’m anti froo froo books like that but I pulled some good things out of it. Bottom line, I need an attitude adjustment. Tough love and all of that. Next up we read The Secret Life of Bees. Looking forward to it. May check out the movie too. MonkeyJoe’s. Donita and I took our little munchkin’s … Continue reading random things from last weekend

hallelujah, its hump day

Wednesday. That is a good thing. That means that tomorrow is my Friday. I think Friday will be a “sleep all day” kind of day. I deserve it. I had a productive evening last night and finished up a project I’ve been working on for a friend’s business. Kind of a side thing I’ve got going on when the opportunity arises. It was a fun … Continue reading hallelujah, its hump day

yeah yeah, more of the same

But I’ve really got nothin’ else but kiddo pictures right now…and ones I’ve already posted elsewhere to boot. But I can’t bring myself to blog about the “thing” for fear of jinxing it… So until I come up with something better, here are a couple of pictures of a couple of potheads. My kid looks quite annoyed at me doesn’t she? As I told the lovely … Continue reading yeah yeah, more of the same