too early for this stuff

Up at 3:30 this morning to get to the gym by 4:00. I made it and could definitely tell that I hadn’t been there in about a week. But I was there and am back on track. The PMS week gets me every time so really, I only expect to do ok at this diet and exercise stuff 3/4 of the month. TMI? Heh, sorry. Oh, and the burger and fries I am already planning on having at Rotiers today does not count because I am admitting to it prior to eating it. Them’s da rulz. So sez I. Ugh, I am finding that I have emotional eating issues…am tracking this stuff in a journal and am more aware of it. Its amazing really. A constant battle. Sometimes I hate being a girl.

John Mayer concert in 8 days and counting! If you don’t hear from me after Feb 10th, I have run away with Johnny baby and will see ya when I see ya. You think I’m kidding? Next week I’ll only work 3 days because…just because. One day, my regular day off and the other day I’m taking against my vacation time. So there.

Oh, Uncle Sam can bite me. He is on my you-know-what list right now. As he is every year during tax season. Seriously dude, bite me. I thumb my nose at you.

I suppose I should get a shower before kiddo wakes up and demands my full attention. Mom, you can’t get here fast enough….

Everyone have a good day and don’t let The Man get ya down. Peace.

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