this needs a snazzy title

So, that post below where I was going to “turn off my light and enjoy the silence” for a bit? Yeah, I totally fell asleep. Yeah, I was totally late to work. Yeah, I am totally talking like a valley girl. Good thing I’d thought to set my alarm, just in case.

I’m in somewhat of a rather large dilemma with “the thing”…it could go one of two ways, it gets better because I’m out, or it gets worse because I’m still in but its now known that I want out…ugh…I just want this to work out…that’s all…plain and simple…

I am totally stalling right now. (Again with the “totally”. Word of the Day.) Sigh. I’m gonna go mooch some change off a very nice person and get some chocolate. Totally.

One thought on “this needs a snazzy title

  1. that’s why I can’t do it, take a nap after working out. I would fall asleep and not wake up until it was time to meet you again the next morning. so not a good thing.

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