random things from last weekend

Bookclub. We read “The Power of Positive Thinking”. Normally, I’m anti froo froo books like that but I pulled some good things out of it. Bottom line, I need an attitude adjustment. Tough love and all of that. Next up we read The Secret Life of Bees. Looking forward to it. May check out the movie too.

MonkeyJoe’s. Donita and I took our little munchkin’s to one of those places with all the inflatables. Sam was a bit freaked out at first (well, heck, so was mommy), but then she really got into it and didn’t want to leave. Very cute. We’ll do this again for sure. And I like that I got to play too, under the guise of helping my little one.

Preds game. My “little” brother and his fiance came up for the Preds game after the blizzard of 2010 thwarted our attempt the prior weekend. Preds lost but it was a super fun time anyway and great to see them!

And then of course, there was the SuperBowl. Hooray Saints!

The End.

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