regarding the weekend

Valentine’s Day. Lovely flowers from The Accountant and some time away from the house thanks to my mom. Date night consisted of going to Staples for toner, the bookstore for Sam’s Valentine, a sports bar for the end of the Vandy/KY game and Kroger for various foodage. Yeah, those were random destinations but it was one of our better date nights. I don’t know what I was thinking but I gave hubs a couple of vegetarian cookbooks for the big celebration of lurve…why I did this I have no idea because now I kinda have to cook something out of them… Sometimes I just don’t think before I do.

Kiddo has had a blast with grandma this weekend. She’s finally at the age where she recognizes her grandparents and interacts well with them. It’s totally cute and lovely to see. Not just lovely either, quite hilarious too. You should have seen grandma and Sam dancing to The Wiggles together tonight. Ohmagoodness. Sidenote: I think my kid inherited my lack of rhythm. She dances just like Frankenstein. Poor child.

Mom and I went to see the Nashville Ballet’s performance of American Originals today. It was quite excellent but I have to be honest. For me, ballet is best enjoyed in small doses. Or when I’m having an attack of insomnia. I always always always nod off. I think its a combination of a dark theater, cushy seats, the music and the graceful soothing movements of the dancers. I mean, those kids can really bust a move! No Frankenstein dancing there! I still have Gershwin’s I’ve Got Rhythm on repeat in my head. I do love that tune.

A few totally random things:

I may or may not have driven the wrong way down a one way street downtown today. Ahem. But all’s well that ends well right? Yes.

If things go as planned there will be some major changes in my life career-wise in the next few months. I’m a bit extremely anxious about it and am just praying that things work out. And that’s all I’ll say until its more concrete for fear of jinxing things. Just know that if I’m spastic and weird that it’s probably the job thing. Oh heck, what am I saying? If I’m spastic and weird its just because I’m me. Deal.

And now it is bedtime. Ciao. Peace and love. Adios. Seeya.

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