things i don’t “get”

curling. but only because i don’t know anything about it. i should probably research the rules and such but its so much more entertaining to make fun of it. i keep reading tweets about some norwegian curler’s pants…must google this…oh heck yeah, just saw them and may i just say that i would totally wear those! y’all know how much i love me some argyle. lighten up people and wear some crazy pants sometimes!

jimmy buffett and the whole parrothead/margaritaville thing. i mean no disrespect but really…it’s kind of like somebody’s balding goofy uncle larry going around playing the ukelele or something. and these people are apparently serious about their buffett-love. i googled how to spell “margaritaville” and i’ll be danged if these parrothead people don’t have chat rooms and message boards and shrines to the buffett all over the place! for the record, i have been to margaritaville in panama city beach and it was a fun time. so maybe these parrotheads are onto something. regardless, dude seems like he’s having fun, so you go jimmy!

people who have garages but park their cars outside anyway. and then complain about having to defrost their vehicle or clean off the bird crap. i suppose they are using their 2 car garage for “storage” but i don’t get why a box of tire irons or your grandma’s deep freezer needs a roof over them while your gazillion dollar lexus sits outside in the weather. but sok. to each her own.

why i blog about this stuff. oh yeah, boredom.


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