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happiness is…

29 Mar

I’ve been charged to pen a post about something that makes me happy. I could have chosen many things, family-friends-kiddo-books-fresh flowers-chocolate…but honestly, the first thing that came to mind was traveling. A lot. Everywhere. New places new people new everything.

Favorite destination #1? the Rick Steves tour we took of Europe in 2006. Several countries, never staying in the same one over two days. It was a whirlwind. And honestly, the perfect trip. Amazing, dreamlike, unbelievable.

Here’s the postcard I mailed home from Paris…

It says “We hated to leave grand Paris – it was so beautiful. But, on to another city, then another country. So gorgeous here, everywhere we go it is so fascinating in a different way. Truly the vacation of a lifetime.”

And it was.

We took hundreds of photos which are archived both electronically as well as in multiple photo albums that I peruse frequently when the house is quiet and I can allow myself to dream of going back there. I thought of adding some pics here but couldn’t choose just a few favorites. And then I got sidetracked going through them all and I do need to go to bed eventually.

This post was originally for my “life coach”, as I’m semi-jokingly referring to her here. But it turned into a post just for me, taking me back to a couple of weeks in October 2006. Thanks for that.

here i sit

29 Mar

In an exam room at my doctor’s office that is. They got me into a room without the usual one hour wait so that was nice. Of course, the doc might not get in here for another week or so. Scratch that. He’ll be here soon I’m sure. I’m trying to think more positively lately. Really.

Not so brief recap of why I’m here…took Cooper & Sam for a walk, as I’ve done gazillion times before with no problems. We are truckin’ right along in our sweet lil neighborhood when we spy a cat. Cat heads our way. I say “see the kitty?” to Sam because she loves animals & won’t want to miss this. Cooper also sees the kitty and decides to get all social. He takes off suddenly, wrenching my arm nearly off and I slam to the ground face first.

The stroller? To my horror, it’s rolling down the hill on gravity’s whim. Sam realizes mommy is no longer driving and is screaming “WHAT THE HELL MOM?!?!” Very loudly. (What? I mean, I’m sure that’s what she’s thinking anyway.) I peel myself off the pavement as quickly as possible and run yelling after the rogue stroller, which of course I cannot catch in time. I helplessly watch as the stroller containing my screaming child veers into a neighbor’s yard and flips over.   

Kiddo & mommy are freaking out. I get Sam out and we plop down on the soggy grass in my neighbor’s yard sobbing & looking a mess. Cooper decides to choose this moment to be contrite and sits his hiney peacefully down next to us as if it is the most normal thing in the world for the females of his family to be bawling, soaking wet and injured in a stranger’s (I think his name is Joe but I could be wrong) yard down the street.

I somehow get “that damn dog” (his new name) and my scared toddler home, shove dog in basement & hobble upstairs to cry some more & check our wounds. Oh, and to text The Accountant to please come home. Kiddo has nary a scratch. Mommy has several. Major pain in wrist and shoulder, bruised hip and otherwise sore achey body. The pavement always wins these battles doesn’t it?  I lay down for a few hours after hubs got home and managed to get self and kiddo off to school and work this morning, albeit very slowly. As in, over an hour late.

Oh, doc just came in and sent me to xray….now I’m in yet another waiting room. Don’t you love that I can “live blog” my doctor’s appointments now? Suh-weet.  Uh, scratch that. The WordPress Blackberry app is of the suckage so I copy/pasted this post into an email. Lame-o.

So here I am waiting on a wrist xray. Since I have semi-decent range of movement in my shoulder he wasn’t too worried about that one. Easy for him to say as I’m sure he’s never tried to blow dry his hair or put on mascara with a bum shoulder. Sigh. Men.

To be continued…

Part II….that was fast I know. The internet is magical that way….Doc said the wrist is fine and I’m just a big ‘ol whiney baby. Well, he didn’t say that last part, not out loud at least. I can get one of those cool wrist braces if I want. But don’t those end up getting all stinky after a while? And who wants a stinky wrist? Besides, I’d rather show off my bruise and not cover it up.

Tune in next time when mommy and baby go to the zoo and throw pebbles at the monkeys…


quick video

28 Mar

Here’s a very blurry dark video of kiddo. I’m in pain tonight so no lengthy post. More on that later. I think I’m pushing the legal limit on ibprofen consumption.


high my sigh why

24 Mar

i’m not sure why i post stuff like the one below other than to fill time. i just want to type something i guess. i mean, do you really need or want to know about my sleep issues? um, no, i didn’t think so.

anywho, i’m killing time on my lunch hour (yeah, i should be doing something productive but my brain is mush). so here’s something fun from there’s all kinds of kooky stuff you can do with photos on that site. lovely way to um, NOT be productive.

kiddo = no sleepytime last night

24 Mar

Ohmagoodness. So tired today.

For whatever reason, Sam was up three times last night. There’s a difference in tone that only mommies can hear  between when she is crying out in her sleep and will drift back off to dreamland and the cry she makes when I know she’s awake and won’t go back to sleep until I go in her room and figure out what the deal is.

Last night I’d just gotten to sleep (an ordeal in itself lately) when she started crying. We did the diaper change thing, found the paci, cuddled for a bit, rocked and she wanted back in bed and was fine. Repeat this cycle three times.

I had to flake out on my gym partner because I just couldn’t function and needed the extra couple hours of slumber. And we won’t even talk about the dog issues we are having right now.  

Anyway, all that to say, I am hurting today.

weird things that stick in my brain

23 Mar

I have been trying to find this poem for AGES!! I remember it from a college lit class and it stuck in my head all these years, popping up every now and then for whatever reason. But all I could remember was that it was about a cleaning lady finding a frog in the toilet. I remember thinking it was funny and that I liked it very much.

Enter the magic of Google…I’ve searched for it before but no luck. However, today the words “frog in toilet” were typed just right and here is the missing poem!

Enjoy. Or just wrinkle your nose in bewilderment. Whichever.

Hazel Tells Laverne
by Katharyn Howd Machan

last night
im cleanin out my
howard johnsons ladies room
when all of a sudden
up pops this frog
musta come from the sewer
swimmin aroun an tryin ta
climb up the sida the bowl
so i goes ta flushm down
but sohelpmegod he starts talkin
bout a golden ball
an how i can be a princess
me a princess
well my mouth drops
all the way to the floor
an he says
kiss me just kiss me
once on the nose
well i screams
ya little green pervert
an i hitsm with my mop
an has ta flush
the toilet down three times
a princess

why the long face?

23 Mar

This is me. Spreading sunshine everywhere I go. Yep yep. I mean, can’t you tell? Heh.

The not-so-funny thing is, I really am a fun lively laughing joking person when I’m out from behind a desk. Can we say “you got off at the wrong stop lady”? Yes we can.

Eh, anyway. Stuff ‘n things. Ummmmmm, I got nuthin’ I guess. Oh wait, here’s some stuff…the weather is great today. I restocked my supply of chewing gum. I’m wearing my Chucks. Sam made me laugh this morning (until she freaked out when I dropped her off at daycare). I have $5 to spend for lunch. Today is my Wednesday. Neil Young is coming to the Ryman (if you’re into Neil, this is good news anyway). I go see Garrison Keillor/Prairie Home Companion with my dad in a few weeks. My best friend and The Accountant’s birthdays are coming up the first week of April. Some lady in an SUV nearly ran me over this morning trying to cut over onto Music Row. I honked at her and might have saluted her as well. Might have.

End of stuff. Have a nice day.

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