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well here we are but where is that?

2 Mar

Life is messed up. Generally speaking. Things don’t make sense, get all crazy, aren’t logical and sure as hell aren’t black and white. Sometimes I think I will never figure things out. Never figure out what I’m supposed to be doing here, what I¬†want to do here. I envy those people who know what they want and just go do it without overthinking things. Or maybe they’re just fooling themselves too. Maybe we all are. Those people are just more confident about floundering around and trying to figure it all out. Not as afraid to make mistakes or be themselves. I really wish I just didn’t care what other people thought. That I could just rant and rave and tell you what I really think of you. And yet, on the rare occasion that I do this, I usually regret it. Reverting back to my natural personality I guess. That of shy mousy quiet girl in the corner. The one who will always say “yes” when she wants to scream “no”.

//returns to undisclosed location and resumes hiatus//

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