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a good book. its been a while.

5 Mar

I’d somehow forgotten how much I love to read. I’ve started but not finished several books over the past few months. I am totally the slacker of our monthly bookclub. Until tonight.

Just finished The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. I laughed a lot. Those weird annoying snorts that people let out when they’re immersed in humorous words and cause whoever happens to be in the room to look at you in annoyance when really, they just want to be let in on what’s so funny within the pages your nose is buried in. I cried a lot too. Not that that’s saying much as I’ve cried more this past week than I have in months so maybe I was already primed for tears. But this was healthy crying. Snot dripping, nose blowing, eyes reddening, shirt wetting, kind of crying.

So thank you Ms. Kidd, for bringing me back and reminding me what a good book can do for a person.

sick girl painting

5 Mar

sounds like an indy movie title to me. i’m still sick but what ya gonna do? its friday. i’m off work, sam is at daycare and i have a list to get through at home. finishing the painting in my bathroom is the main thing. touching up in the accountant’s bathroom, cleaning out my closet (or at least getting a good start on that). so why am i on the computer telling you all this instead of doing it? because i am a procrastinator and am stalling. mad skilz i know.

sam is sporting something of a shiner. she was pushing a truck thingy at daycare and fell. she’s developing quite the personality. i think she’s gonna be quirky, independant and perhaps a bit moody. but who’s to say, she’s not even two. she can say “please” except it comes out like “peas”. And “help”, sounds like “alp”. And “I know”, sounds like “mine ohhhh”. Oh, and “mine”, sounds like, “mine” – she’s got that one down. silly stinker. i love her so much.

tax season is the pits. hubs is so tired all the time and gone a lot with the longer hours and long commute. it will be so nice if we can find a house that splits his commute in half at least and keeps mine the same. and on that note, i’m motivated to get to painting now. house on the market in ten days. i hope.

fulooca pooca bahooka

5 Mar

on days when i want to thumb my nose at The Man, i make sure and wear a shirt that’s cut low enough in the back so that my tattoo shows. only because this is in clear violation of the dress code and i can be a passive aggressive bish queen when i want to be. and you know that i always turn my back on the bosses when they come near, just to be sure they see it.

i’m losing weight but i’m not sure that eating a poptart for breakfast, whatever for lunch and skipping dinner altogether is the healthiest way to do it.

when asking a certain someone what she was doing, i got this reply and it made me literally snort…”Trying to find a new life on the internet. I should join the army…or something. I think I could be a hobo… did you ever see that 20/20 special where the “hobo” was actually making like 40,000 a year and lived in a nice house?? He was just acting hobo-ish. I could do that I think….” made my day…because i too, have that same hobo dream…

this piece made me laugh…my child is doomed…are you being sarcastic? I love it when people don’t take parenting so seriously. chill out yo. which reminds me…last night sam started doing this crazy walk…like a cross between george jefferson’s swagger and a pimp’s gait (sorry if you think this is crass and a bit un-PC, because if you do, I’m so rolling my eyes at you right now)…i was like “what are you doing? being big pimp daddy sam?” the accountant and i laughed our butts off at her and she just kept looking up at us and grinning and would do the pimp daddy walk again. kid is cah-razy.

thanks to my friends and fam who have checked up on me these last few days. i know i am not the most even-keeled person. i’ll be fine, i really will. i just need time. you all are the best. much love.


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