fulooca pooca bahooka

on days when i want to thumb my nose at The Man, i make sure and wear a shirt that’s cut low enough in the back so that my tattoo shows. only because this is in clear violation of the dress code and i can be a passive aggressive bish queen when i want to be. and you know that i always turn my back on the bosses when they come near, just to be sure they see it.

i’m losing weight but i’m not sure that eating a poptart for breakfast, whatever for lunch and skipping dinner altogether is the healthiest way to do it.

when asking a certain someone what she was doing, i got this reply and it made me literally snort…”Trying to find a new life on the internet. I should join the army…or something. I think I could be a hobo… did you ever see that 20/20 special where the “hobo” was actually making like 40,000 a year and lived in a nice house?? He was just acting hobo-ish. I could do that I think….” made my day…because i too, have that same hobo dream…

this piece made me laugh…my child is doomed…are you being sarcastic? I love it when people don’t take parenting so seriously. chill out yo. which reminds me…last night sam started doing this crazy walk…like a cross between george jefferson’s swagger and a pimp’s gait (sorry if you think this is crass and a bit un-PC, because if you do, I’m so rolling my eyes at you right now)…i was like “what are you doing? being big pimp daddy sam?” the accountant and i laughed our butts off at her and she just kept looking up at us and grinning and would do the pimp daddy walk again. kid is cah-razy.

thanks to my friends and fam who have checked up on me these last few days. i know i am not the most even-keeled person. i’ll be fine, i really will. i just need time. you all are the best. much love.


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