sick girl painting

sounds like an indy movie title to me. i’m still sick but what ya gonna do? its friday. i’m off work, sam is at daycare and i have a list to get through at home. finishing the painting in my bathroom is the main thing. touching up in the accountant’s bathroom, cleaning out my closet (or at least getting a good start on that). so why am i on the computer telling you all this instead of doing it? because i am a procrastinator and am stalling. mad skilz i know.

sam is sporting something of a shiner. she was pushing a truck thingy at daycare and fell. she’s developing quite the personality. i think she’s gonna be quirky, independant and perhaps a bit moody. but who’s to say, she’s not even two. she can say “please” except it comes out like “peas”. And “help”, sounds like “alp”. And “I know”, sounds like “mine ohhhh”. Oh, and “mine”, sounds like, “mine” – she’s got that one down. silly stinker. i love her so much.

tax season is the pits. hubs is so tired all the time and gone a lot with the longer hours and long commute. it will be so nice if we can find a house that splits his commute in half at least and keeps mine the same. and on that note, i’m motivated to get to painting now. house on the market in ten days. i hope.

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