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so sew so sew

6 Mar

today was rather craptastic and disappointing i must say. i finished my wonderful book club book last night and had grand plans to go to the gym in the morning, go to bookclub, then playdate for kiddos with friends, then lunch with same friends. none of this happened. i woke up and felt awful in various ways. i think i have a sinus infection and that i did too much yesterday what with all the painting and working out like a mad woman. so i stayed home. luckily sam decided to take a 3 hour nap so i did too. and the accountant took over most of the day. i finally did force myself to get out of the house and we met my lovely sweet father-in-law, grandpa jim, for dinner. sam was so excited to see him and they are really super cute together.

home now. hubs went to the movies with a friend. poor guy has been working non-stop and worked on taxes while sam and i napped today. he needs a night out. i’ve straightened up the house a bit and am contemplating cold meds and going to bed. or maybe reading a bit first. or writing. i dunno. maybe i’ll just stare at the walls or something. yeah, probably that.

thanks for stopping by. i know these accounts of my days are enthralling and all of that.

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