i fear the neti pot

I just went to the clinic for this yucky sinus stuff and yes, I have a sinus infection. I’m now armed with amoxicillin and instructions to go get mucinex and a neti pot or some sort of nasal irrigation/contraption/torture device.

I’m good with the drugs, but the “take this thing that looks like a genie could pop out of it at any second and use it to pour liquid up your nose” thing is probably not happening. I’m severely averse to this. Much like poking-a-needle-in-my-eye kind of averse.

Its irrational I know, but I’m an irrational kind of girl. I mean really, it makes no sense. I’ve given birth for pete’s sake, I’ve gotten a rather large tattoo, I have piercings in weird places. But this neti pot thing. This freaks me out.

Oh heck no. I just watched a YouTube video of someone doing this and had to watch it cringing while peering out from behind my fingers. FYI: This is exactly how I watch horror movies and anything on tv that is under water. Its a phobia I tell you.

Hello, my name is Finn and I have NPP (Neti Pot Phobia).

One thought on “i fear the neti pot

  1. Pretty irrational, yes.

    I felt that way at first, but it’s no worse than when you go to the pool and get a bit of water up your nose. It doesn’t sting. And I can guarantee you, you will get better even without Mucinex and the anti-biotics. I’m serious.

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