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you’d tell me if i had a bratty kid, right?

15 Mar

Every day my kiddo does something new and hilarious. To me anyway. Its almost surreal, this little person in my house. She’s going to be a fun quirky kid I think.

Last night she walked back and forth between The Accountant and me, giving us each kisses like it was going out of style. Seriously adorable. She sticks that little face up at you and puckers her lips. And when she blows you kisses? Forget about it. There is nothing wrong in the world then.

I worry about being a bad mom, about spoiling her unintentionally. I don’t want her to be a bratty kid. But dang, her little face….last night, after the kissing fest, she did something bad and I said her name and “no”, very sternly to her. Her sweet blue eyes got so big and teary, and her little lip stuck out and started quivering. It was the most pitiful sad face you have ever seen in your life. And I totally caved. Scooped her up, hugged her for dear life and told her mommy loved her and it was all ok. Other times I will try to discipline and she will give me this mischievious look and I try my hardest to keep a straight stern face but end up cracking up because she’s such a funny little bird.

Sigh. I’m completely doomed aren’t I?

guilty pleasures

15 Mar

Ms. Dani did a post about her guilty pleasures and I thought it was nifty so I’m totally stealing it. So here are some of my guilty pleasures…the ones I’ll admit to anyway. What? I can’t divulge everything people.

  • Pop Tarts. Its not a secret that I must have a low-fat brown sugar cinnamon poptart and a diet coke to start my day. If I happen to be out of this sugary treat, well, I don’t like to talk about that. Oh, and I microwave them instead of using the toaster. I’m a rebel like that.
  • My Hair. I’m somewhat of a hair snob. I don’t spend money on girlie things like getting my nails done, pricey brands of makeup, pedicures, expensive shoes or clothes, etc. But I will drop a hefty dollar or two getting my hair did on a regular basis. And it has to be funky. Nothing boring. Short, choppy, red, purply, plum, platinum highlights, blue, whatever. Just gimme whatcha got. I bore easily and am not afraid to rock a crazy fun hairdo.
  • HGTV. I watch a LOT of HGTV. I love the decorating and design shows. I like seeing a room go from bland to va-va-va-voom!!! And the real estate shows….My favorite is House Hunters. Ohmagoodness. I could watch that show all day. It appeals to my wanderlust and so I live vicariously through those lucky people who are getting to choose between three fabulous new residences or vacation homes.
  • Improper Grammar. Count me in as one of those people who writes like I talk and doesn’t apologize for it. Misspellings, slang, regional dialects, putting periods and parentheses in the wrong places, overuse of the ellipsis… I say don’t stifle the creativity with pointless rules. Heck, don’t stifle ME with too many rules. Its like making your bed in the morning, only to get back into it that night. Wasted effort. But that’s just me.

I’m sure I have tons more but these are the four I came up with off the top of my head (maybe I should add cliches to the list, oh wait, that goes in the grammar section huh?).


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