weird things that stick in my brain

I have been trying to find this poem for AGES!! I remember it from a college lit class and it stuck in my head all these years, popping up every now and then for whatever reason. But all I could remember was that it was about a cleaning lady finding a frog in the toilet. I remember thinking it was funny and that I liked it very much.

Enter the magic of Google…I’ve searched for it before but no luck. However, today the words “frog in toilet” were typed just right and here is the missing poem!

Enjoy. Or just wrinkle your nose in bewilderment. Whichever.

Hazel Tells Laverne
by Katharyn Howd Machan

last night
im cleanin out my
howard johnsons ladies room
when all of a sudden
up pops this frog
musta come from the sewer
swimmin aroun an tryin ta
climb up the sida the bowl
so i goes ta flushm down
but sohelpmegod he starts talkin
bout a golden ball
an how i can be a princess
me a princess
well my mouth drops
all the way to the floor
an he says
kiss me just kiss me
once on the nose
well i screams
ya little green pervert
an i hitsm with my mop
an has ta flush
the toilet down three times
a princess

3 thoughts on “weird things that stick in my brain

    1. So i was searching for my favorite poem from college today to quote on my facebook and found it right on your blog. Thanks! 🙂

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