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high my sigh why

24 Mar

i’m not sure why i post stuff like the one below other than to fill time. i just want to type something i guess. i mean, do you really need or want to know about my sleep issues? um, no, i didn’t think so.

anywho, i’m killing time on my lunch hour (yeah, i should be doing something productive but my brain is mush). so here’s something fun from there’s all kinds of kooky stuff you can do with photos on that site. lovely way to um, NOT be productive.

kiddo = no sleepytime last night

24 Mar

Ohmagoodness. So tired today.

For whatever reason, Sam was up three times last night. There’s a difference in tone that only mommies can hear  between when she is crying out in her sleep and will drift back off to dreamland and the cry she makes when I know she’s awake and won’t go back to sleep until I go in her room and figure out what the deal is.

Last night I’d just gotten to sleep (an ordeal in itself lately) when she started crying. We did the diaper change thing, found the paci, cuddled for a bit, rocked and she wanted back in bed and was fine. Repeat this cycle three times.

I had to flake out on my gym partner because I just couldn’t function and needed the extra couple hours of slumber. And we won’t even talk about the dog issues we are having right now.  

Anyway, all that to say, I am hurting today.

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